ASTCWA Open Show
4th May, 2003
Judge: Mr D. Henley (WA)
Puppy Bitch
1st - Tothemax Xquisite Gift ~ Green
Junior Dog 
1st - Ourmob American Storm ~ Mitchell
Junior Bitch
1st - Tothemax Licence Tothril ~ Pritchard/ Findlay
Intermediate Dog
1st - Uncas Chief Red Cloud ~ Pritchard/ Findlay
Intermediate Bitch
1st - Isis American Woman ~ Mitchell
State Bred Dog
1st - Tinnetyr Flashman ~ Rice
State Bred Bitch
1st - Tothemax Limited Edition ~ Pritchard/ Findlay
Australian Bred Bitch
1st - Aust Ch. Waiiti Cashin The Blues ~ Parson
Open Dog
1st - Tothemax Tango Tine ~ Parsons
Open Bitch
1st - Aust Ch. Tothemax Timeforachange ~ Shaw
BD ~ Tothemax Tango Tine
RBD ~ Tinnetyr Flashman
BB ~ Aust Ch. Tothemax Timeforachange
RBB ~ Aust Ch. Waiiti Cashin The Blues
Best In Show ~ Aust Ch. Tothemax Timeforachange 
Runner Up Best In Show ~ Tothemax Tango Tine
Puppy In Show ~ Tothemax Xquisite Gift
Junior In Show ~ Tothemax Licence Tothril
Intermediate In Show ~ Isis American Woman
State Bred In Show ~ Tinnetyr Flashman
Open In Show ~ Aust Ch. Tothemax Timeforachange
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