ASTCWA Open Show
21st August, 2016
Judge: Mrs J. Sach (WA)
Baby Puppy Dog (3ent)
1st - Iroq Twist of Fate ~ Green
2nd - Iroq Pure Steel ~ Green
3rd - Amseraphs Mr Big (AI) ~ 
Baby Puppy Bitch
1st - Iroq Show Girl ~ Green 
Puppy Dog
Puppy Bitch (1ent)
1st - Iroq Mother of Dragons ~ Green 
Junior Dog
Junior Bitch (1ent)
1st - Elisabeth of Skywalkeramstaff (Imp SRB) ~ Green
Intermediate Dog
Intermediate Bitch (1ent)
1st - Aust Ch. Iroq Second Edition ~ Green 
State Bred Dog (1ent)
1st - Aust Ch. Iroq Steel City ~ Green
State Bred Bitch 
Australian Bred Dog (1ent)
1st - Aust Ch. Dinamyte Depth Charge
Australian Bred Bitch (1ent)
1st - Aust Gr Ch. Iroq In Harmony ~ Green 
Open Dog (1ent)
1st - Iroq Gladiator of Long Step (Imp SRB) ~ Green
Open Bitch (1ent)
1st - Pandora of Skywalkeramstaff (Imp SRB) ~ Green
BD ~ Iroq Gladiator of Long Step (Imp SRB) 
RBD ~ Aust Ch. Iroq Steel City 
BB ~ Aust Ch. Iroq Second Edition
RBB ~ Aust Gr Ch. Iroq In Harmony
Neuter Dog 
Open Bitch (1ent)
1st - Aust Ch. Zforce Stop N Stare (AI) ~ Green
 Best In Show ~ Aust Ch. Iroq Second Edition
Runner Up Best In Show ~ Iroq Gladiator Of Long Step (Imp SRB)
Baby Puppy In Show ~ Iroq Show Girl
Opposite Sex Baby Puppy In Show ~ Iroq Twist Of Fate
Puppy In Show ~ Iroq Mother of Dragons 
Junior In Show ~ Elisabeth of Skywalkeramstaffs (imp srb)
Intermediate In Show ~ Aust Ch. Iroq Second Edition
State Bred In Show ~ Aust Ch. Iroq Steel City
Australian Bred In Show ~ Aust Gr Ch. Iroq In Harmony
Opposite Sex Australian Bred In Show ~ Aust Ch. Dinamyte Depth Charge
Open In Show ~ Iroq Gladiator of Long Step (Imp SRB)
Opposite Sex Open In Show ~ Pandora of Skywalkeramstaff (imp SRB)
Neuter Bitch ~ Aust Ch. Zforce Stop N Stare (AI)
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